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B. Ed. (Music), B. Mus. (Hon), Ph.D.

Sohyun Eastham

.: Appendices

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Appendix A: Some Key Genealogical Relationships in Violin Pedagogy

A chart of the Pegagogical relationships that existed between some of the key violinistic figures of the nineteenth century. It also depicts the composers of the music performed in this research.

Appendix B: Notes on the Repertoire of the Period

This includes concertos, unaccompanied music, sonatas and other solo repertoire.

Appendix C: Violinists, Composers, and Their Important Violin Works and Treatises

A comprehensive list of the important violin composers and their repertoire, with important treatises also as listed.

Appendix D: List of Researcher's Recital Performances

List of Researcher's Recital Performances including date of composition and CD numbers.

Appendix E: A Comparative Chart of Events that Affected the Violin Development and Techniques of the Era

This chart list in chronological order the composers and violinists, the development of the instrument itself, developments in techniques and for historical reference important events in art, architecture and society.

Appendix F: The Live Recordings

Information on the five live recorded recital performances.

Appendix G: Achieving Rhythmic Flow and Balance

A violin exercise.