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"This book is a substantial body of creative, practical and theoretical work."

The Violin and Romanticism

The Role of the Violin in Expressing the Musical Ideas of the Romantic Period and the Development of Violin Techniques in the Era

About the Book

THE VIOLIN AND ROMANTICISM investigates the violin technique and styles used in the Romantic Period. It also seeks to provide some possible answers to the following specific questions: What were the social and political conditions which created Romanticism? What treatises were available? How did the violin shape and bow develop? How did violin development respond to new playing conditions? Which fingerings were used and how did they change during the Romantic Period? What kinds of vibrato were developed and how did they change over time? How can a Romantic tone be produced? What developments in bow techniques occurred? What development did bowing pattern undergo during the period? What new techniques were developed and how did they relate to the expression of the music? THE VIOLIN AND ROMANTICISM investigates the writings of over 20 treatises from writers of the period including Baillot, Beriot, Spohr and Guhr. THE VIOLIN AND ROMANTICISM provides information which advanced music students or professional musicians and teachers may use to improve the quality of learning, and an invaluable resource for music researchers. This is a must read book for any violin player.

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing

ISBN 978-3-8383-1049-7, Paperback, 320 Pages